Is Your Back Yard Boggy and Wet?

If there's water lying around your property, chances are you could have a drainage problem. It might merely be a leaking pipe or it could be something bigger.

Early detection and fixing will save you money in the long run as maintenance work left undone usually means a bigger, more expensive job later.

Adams builds domestic water treatment systems, either constructing them from scratch or assembling them. We also supply systems for other South Island installers.

The Adams drainage team specialises in subdivisions. We are currently working on the 166-lot Grand Vista subdivision in Abbotsford. It is an eight-stage project due for completion at the end of 2014. Six stages are already finished.

As well as the drainage, Adams' teams are seeing to the roading, footpaths, cabling, retaining walls, heavy earthworks, bulk earthworks and ground contour shaping – something that companies with diverse needs appreciate.