Has Your Home or Business Lost its Spark?

ElectricalHome or business, day or night, Adams can take care of all your electrical needs. Whether its servicing, maintenance, repairs or emergencies – Adams has a large team of highly trained and properly qualified electricians at your call.

With the recent changes to house insurance chances are that if you're buying or selling an older home you'll need an electrical survey. Adams will check your electrics to ensure your sale will go through unhindered.


Emergencies usually happen at the worst possible time. And emergencies involving the loss of your power happen when you have the most to do and the least time to do it.

Fortunately, Adams' customers don't have to worry about such problems because they know that no matter what the emergency, an Adams electrician is only a phone call away.

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Time is money in your business so you don't want to waste it tracking down an electrical company. You need a solid, reliable company that gets the job done when it says it will.

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